Roofing Athens GA

With energy costs continuing to rise, the popularity of green roofing systems is also on the rise. According to the US Dept. of Energy, the average American household releases about 2 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as energy is consumed each year. It has also been reported that homeowners spend upwards of 11 billion dollars a year to cool their homes. Georgia and several other states have passed tax incentives, rebate programs and building permit waivers for homeowners and businesses to help stimulate more eco-friendly and environmentally conservative building practices.

That is why Athens Roofing has committed itself to being a Greener, more sustainable company. We do our best to reuse or recycle everything possible that goes into our projects, including recycling all metal waste from our projects. Additionally, Athens Roofing has always had a "Green Office" policy mandating that, whenever possible, all of our new paper purchases are sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We also make it a point to remain an authority on new building practices and materials that can not only save money but save our planet too.

Green Policy | Athens Roofing