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Home Improvement Ranked First in Scam

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Everyone has fallen victim to or at least has seen an email phishing scam or annoying internet pop-up announcing that you’ve won $5,000. You’d be led to believe that these tech scams were the most risky scams, but think again. Home improvement was ranked as the No. 1 riskiest scam of 2016, according to the 2016 Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report.


That’s right – home improvement. There have been thousands of homeowners left with haphazard, unfinished driveways, roofs, renovations and more due to “contractors” promising a good deal and then leaving town without a trace. The monetary loss from these home improvement scams is substantial since you’re left with the aftermath of the faulty home “improvements.” One man reported to CBS news that he lost $14,000 from a home improvement scam where the contractor only did a small amount of work, and then left town with the money.


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